Finally the e30 is sent to lacquering :D :D

Finally I got time and money to Finnish up the bodywork and paint on my E30, I have waited a long time for this and I hope everyone will like the color and extras on the car! 2 years an still lot¨s to do!

Rebuild the car, interior and exterior.
Fix electrical problems and make all the electronics work.
Reinstall the intake and valve cover! (Vacuum lines)
Take the car to a shop to Finnish up the brake lines and bleed the clutch.
Take her to EU approval and get the plates back on 😀






Working hard

So, I have been working late nights the past week and this is what I have finished and what is left doing Mechanically and electrically.
The ABS system is now working and no “ABS Light” is lighting up the car when firing it up. This was the ABS relay, so i soldered the thin cable inside it and the system started working again.
I have changed all of the brake rotors and brake pads. New brake lines from middle to the back of the car.
Engine: Changed the oil, oil filter, adjusted the valves, replaced the original studs with new and better ones, not the old hexhead style. intake hose, valve cover gasket, half moon seals, spark plugs, Schmiedmann headers, valve cover hose, water pump, cooling hoses, coolant, timing belt and timing belt tensioner.

A body shop is coming over to my place to look at the car, so i can get pricing on the bodywork and paint job, so exited for this step 😀

Still waiting for some parts to arrive! But i got my new interior lights today, original hella 🙂


Few more hours

In a few weeks the IX will be ready for painting, the only parts left rubbing down is the front fenders and the front and the rear bumpers and the doors.
I have ordered some parts: Intake hose, cooling hose kit, left right blinkers, clutch pedal stopper and some other small parts not worth mentioning 🙂

Welding is done

The only rust hole left is in the battery box, but it is not a concern as it easy to get to. There is more than enough to do before i start welding again… But i love it and I am so ready for it to see the roads again.

Some pics of the finished welding.

Stay Tuned 😀 😀






Back on track

First off all, sorry not for uploading anything the past month, the project have been delayed because of money and time, but now it looks like its back on track. Hopefully i will be able to upload once a week, much have been done on the car, but haven’t had the time to write anything.
However I was recently on a e30meet where i bought some interior pieces, Black leather dash (without scratches) and both door panels front and the rear ones, only few bits and pieces left to buy

Stay Tuned

Removal of the windows

2015-05-27 20.22.30

It was surprisingly easy to remove the windows.
Took about ten minutes.

2015-05-27 20.22.36

All of the windows are in grate condition, exept for the rear windows, looks like someone has touched it with the grinder…
I am going to replace all of the rubber seals, some was painted on and someone has seen their better days.

2015-05-27 20.22.48 – Kopi

More bad paintwork revealed…